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Welcome to Kieran Liggins Photography


Hello all, first of all I want to say welcome to the website. Welcome to the community that I hope to build, this blog will be following my journey through the creative industry and everything in between. My name is Kieran Liggins; I am a photographer and have been for many years now, a wannabe director wanting to step into the world of moving image and an all round creative.

Bit of background

I started taking images at an early age, photographing my pet dog and the local surrounding areas. This taught me the fundamentals of photography. I soon step up the game, by taking risks at initial stages of my journey, to becoming where I am now. Through these risks I gained confidence, for example being able to ask for jobs, like covering the local rugby games, working at the local club photographing bands. This took my portfolio to a new level and my experience was expanding at an alarming rate.

Still, by the age of fifth teen I had my first website, my first portfolio and my name was getting around, I was in a solid state of mind. However to take my qualifications further and my knowledge and experience, I thought it would be a good idea to go to college, so finishing of my school days getting that out of the way, I moved into Coventry City College.

Then it all changed

Reality had hit, the creative world was a lot bigger then I thought. Peers had the same style as me, the same equipment, the same attitude towards making images. I was stuck in the same boat as everyone else. Things had to change. So I took a leap of creativity and took on the challenge to photograph my mum’s friend wedding.

Photographing a wedding challenges you in a different way; yes you can know all the knowledge in the world and have some of the best gear on the market but without people skills, the best will get you no where. That is why I am grateful to have had the opportunities, to photograph couples weddings.

However, time passed I built on the foundations of my ongoing creativity, taking any opportunity that came my way. But like I said a bit of background so more will are coming, but I wont bore you on my first entry.

Kieran Liggins Photography is another fish in the sea but this fish wants high ambitions, I don’t want to be the Saturday job photographer, the family and friends photographer and filmmaker. No I do want the best, the best I can be.

I live by a motto; the only limit is the one you set yourself.

Thank you for coming by and reading this first entry, I’m sure they will be more.