Visual Journal

Turning on the spot

As creatives we go through turning points , this may come through education , this may come through experience  but for me it comes through inspiration. We go through our day to day life's seeing ,smelling and listening. All this effects our moods and how we mean to act upon this wonderful thing called inspiration. 

However , as that is a side note , I have came to you today to tell you that I am willing to make a change to how I work and how it clashes with the industry. We all know that photographers and creatives alike talk about visuals , like its meant to mean something else. But for me visuals is at the heart of what makes me be a creative person. 

We also know that photographers love to talk about their personal lives or there experiences as a creative. 

So my turning point for today and for a while is linking in the visuals and the stories to be told from my point of view. I would like to introduce the visual journal. The visual journal is my day to day inspirations joint together to tell you the audience , of my inner feelings well living my life as a photographer and a creative storyteller.