Universal Motion


Around the hub, the galaxies turn
Pinwheels scrubbed, in magnetic urn
Gravity attracts, while motion glides
Equal force acts, to sustain the rides

The Milky Way, is towed along
Its centre conveyed, by nature's song
The flux lines strum, as they pass by
A radio hum, an electrical sigh

And so it be, with our own sun
By magnetic sea, its field is spun
The axial spin, then thus does tow
It's satellites in an induction row

The best conductors turn fairly fast
While the resistors last with the past
Lines of force roll round the outside
Because the course is too dense inside

When the field of the planet is low
It tends to yield all turning flow
If more than one set of poles it has
It will turn yet, but less as lines pass




A Single Thought


People ask questions, it is human nature to wanting to know, wanting to know how you feel, people want to know what have you been up too, what your plans are, where are you going.  However the questions that were being asked when I got back from Nepal, were the questions that I could not answer; the questions that had such a relationship, they had meaning, they had tangible meaning. These questions were experiences, humanistic experiences.

You cannot express that. Not this time

My individual journey was one of the centre points of this experience. It allows you to be yourself, it allows you to make something new and it allows you to drop any personas that are attached to you back at home. This community has never experienced someone like yourself, it has never experienced someone with the stories that you have or the emotional connection you may give. This community is set in its own beliefs, its own ideas, or its own way of doing things. You’re not out there to change that but to embrace it.

My experience when I was in Nepal, was a first and hopefully not a last. It saw change within a community that I and a team of like-minded individuals delivered. I could tell specifics but for me that not giving it any fulfillment, it’s only glazing the truth, the truth that they is change needed in the world.

I wish to see development, however development can not only give new life to a specific area but it can take away it. This world is changing, changing at a rate that you don't see it , you won’t see it, I want to be there to see it.

I and my team had parallel drives to see a difference in the world, to make stepping stones to a brighter future. I want to believe, the work we did, the work we achieved, the difference we made, I want to trust it has a lasting impact; I want to believe that even, if it is one individual, gains something positive out of our presence. I can accept that we made a lasting change.



Raleigh International 

When you are in a different society and a different culture, your senses and sensibilities are thrown out of proportion. Your sense of belonging is completely different to the one you live within your day to day life. You have to be truly adaptable and open-minded to be accepted into the communities. My experience with Raleigh gave me these fundamentals. Raleigh International is a sustainable development charity with strong values and a strong mission to challenge youth to change the world. Working on an international scale, Raleigh focus on four key areas, Livelihoods, natural resource management, water sanitation and hygiene and youth in civil society. They voice youthful commitment with a drive to see innovation in foundation for change. The work that Raleigh accomplishes is honest and achievable and I can say that the experience will never be forgotten.



Global Goals

We are all a part of a global community our actions individual effect us globally. You may pass off a singular action like recycling for example, you may think this one time does not matter, however in my personal opinion it does matter. Being a part of Raleigh truly taught me the importance of the individual action. These actions include being educated in the global goals. What are the global goals?

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. These goals have the capacity to have a large scale and a smaller scale impact. They can be done by your governments or even yourself, they range from clean water and sanitation to peace, justice and strong institutions.  

They have the power to make this world a truly better place.  With each goal comes a set of targets, these targets help in the aid to make the mammoth task of, for example clean water and sanitation look not so global but more understandable and more sustainable.  You can find more information on the goals and the targets and the global community that surrounds this incredible step to a sustainable planet at


The Next Step


I have started a journey, I have started something that has meaning , something that gives me a essence of understanding and gives groundwork to build upon. I hope to pass on this understanding. I hope to make people aware of the stories that are happening as I type this. I hope to tell people and make people actual think of the world around them , we are a global community , we are one planet , we are one species and we all live in the same moment. Lets just hope with the power of visual storytelling and communication between the masses , I want to achieve some clarity and I promise myself that I will make this change that I long.

My next steps are to show the work that I produced when I was out there , a body of work that has heart and narrative attached. Later on this year I will be putting together an exhibit that will hopefully tell the correct stories. 

You can follow this journey here on my website and on any my social media. Challenge yourself to change the world. Thankyou

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You're the only one who's closing your eyes at night. There's no one else who can do it for you. - James Cann